Welcome to the 'Security' section of the Colonial Contractor Portal!  Below you will find helpful information about Colonial's Security practices and procedures. Check back from time to time for updates and new information!


Diane Grasse
Welcome to the Security section of Colonial's Contractor Portal! 

My name is Diane Grasse and I'm Security Manager at Colonial.

Employee and contractor awareness is the cornerstone of good security.  Alert and involved employees and contractors provide a network, expanding significantly the number of eyes and ears available to detect or prevent a security event.  Even with our security policies, plans, and procedures in place, all employees and contractors need to exercise good day-to-day judgment in the protection of our co-workers and our company's assets and information.  Your understanding, involvement, and active support of security, ranks among the very best methods by which we protect our Company's interests.

Security compliance.....it's just another way to make Colonial safe every day.
....the other safety.